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Academics and students focused on entrepreneurship research love to exchange ideas and trade opinions, preferably at a conference or – in COVID times – online. This happens through seminars, webinars, symposia, and colloquia, many of which have a global flavor.

Some of these are organized by industry associations such as the USASBE while others are organized by academic institutions such as Babson College. Some of them have been held for decades while others are relatively new – thus offering researchers an interesting mix of entrepreneurship outlets to choose from. Some emphaize topics related to education and learning, relevant theories, and best practices in measuring and improving the effectiveness of entrepreneurship pedadogy. Others prefer to stay focused on academic research in entrepreneurship – both empirical and theoretical. 

Notably, many an entrepreneurship conference has sessions or workshops specifically for doctoral students who wish to get feedback on the dissertation process, thesis topics and progress, managing the peer-review publication journey, etc. Moreover, each conference chooses an important and topical theme that ties together the various panels, presentations, and keynote speeches.

Below is a list of such events for entrepreneurship scholars to network, interact, and build relationships. To suggest any relevant event, please share the name via Twitter or LinkedIn. Thanks!

Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Conference

“The Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE) conference connects practitioners and policymakers with business support practitioners and academics, nurturing productive dialogue and engagement amongst these groups, allowing research to inform policy and practice to create genuine change, while facilitating… Read more →

International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference

“The International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference (IEEC) is highly regarded for its participatory style with a wide range of educator-led interactive sessions and seminars as well as keynotes led by inspirational experts from across the world.” September 2021 International Entrepreneurship Educators… Read more →

Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference

“The Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference (BCERC) was established to provide a dynamic venue where academics and real-world practitioners, through spirited dialogue, could link theory and practice. Each year, the conference attracts more than 350 entrepreneurial scholars who come to… Read more →

Research in Entrepreneurship and Small Business

“The Research in Entrepreneurship and Small Business (RENT) conference is a premier entrepreneurship research conference in Europe and annually brings together ~ 250 leading academics in this field who present and debate cutting edge research in a wide variety of… Read more →

Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Conference ~ UNC Kenan

The Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Conference is organized by the Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise, Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. The FEC exposes students to “cutting-edge research reports and policy debates led by the nation’s leading… Read more →

Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Conference

“The Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Conference (GEIRC) rotates between North America, Europe, and Asia and aims to promote worldwide scholarly collaborations across regions, continents and academic communities. The conference is interdisciplinary and brings together a diverse set of presenters… Read more →

European University Network on Entrepreneurship: ESU Conference

The European University Network on Entrepreneurship organizes the annual ESU conference “for PhD students, their supervisors and invited entrepreneurship researchers to present their research ideas in the international scientific forum. In addition, the event combines scientific sessions and cultural events allowing… Read more →

European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Conference

“The European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ECSB) is a research-driven non-profit organisation whose objective is to facilitate the creation and dissemination of new knowledge through research and the open exchange of ideas between academia, education, policy and practice…. Read more →

AoM Entrepreneurship Division: A History of ENT Scholarship

Back in 2016, Hans Landström and Jon Lindhe of Lund University, Sweden compiled a wonderful report on the history of the Academy of Management (AoM) Entrepreneurship (ENT) Division. Started in 1974 as an interest group, the division was formally created… Read more →

California Entrepreneurship Educators Conference

“The California Entrepreneurship Educators Conference (CEEC) is a boutique-style conference that brings together world-class entrepreneurship educators, researchers, and center staff to share knowledge and perspectives to build exceptional entrepreneurship programs. It intends to attract a diverse group of professionals in… Read more →

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