“The Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Conference (GEIRC) rotates between North America, Europe, and Asia and aims to promote worldwide scholarly collaborations across regions, continents and academic communities. The conference is interdisciplinary and brings together a diverse set of presenters and discussants for two days of scholarly conversation on innovation and entrepreneurship.”

Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Conference

2020 GEIRC

Theme: Disruptive Innovation and Digital Platforms


  • New venture formation processes, financing, and strategies
  • R&D and project management, performance metrics, and portfolio evaluation
  • Institutions and policies to enhance entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Markets for ideas, innovation, and other intangibles
  • Regional and global dynamics of entrepreneurship and innovation
  • University and science-based innovation and technology transfer
  • Continuous improvement and new process development; new product development, development processes, and service design
  • Patents, licensing, and intellectual property
  • Business model innovation (e.g., operations, marketing, or network innovation)
  • Open innovation and distributed innovation
  • Market and financial impacts of innovation.

The Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Conference has been held for over a decade now. Science and technology are an integral part of this annual event. One of the past themes was disruptive innovation and digital platforms, which includes technologies such as machine learning, robotics, blockchain, and IoT that are enabling the fourth industrial revolution.