The European University Network on Entrepreneurship organizes the annual ESU conference “for PhD students, their supervisors and invited entrepreneurship researchers to present their research ideas in the international scientific forum.┬áIn addition, the event combines scientific sessions and cultural events allowing participants to discover the diversity and the cultural richness of different European regions … and implement new ways to promote entrepreneurial thinking and behaviour.”

ESU Conference - European University Network on Entrepreneurship

Past Sessions

  • The role of ESU in the journey of becoming an entrepreneurship scholar
  • Institutionalisation of entrepreneurship education: Why and how?
  • Publishing in Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice.
  • Entrepreneurial ecosystems and digitalisation
  • Conducting literature reviews and an introduction

The ESU Conference is being held for nearly 20 years, starting in 2002 in France. Besides the conference, the European University Network on Entrepreneurship has also published several books:

  • The Emergence of Entrepreneurial Behaviour Intention, Education and Orientation
  • Developing, Shaping and Growing Entrepreneurship
  • Conceptual Richness and Methodological Diversity in Entrepreneurship Research
  • European Entrepreneurship in the Globalizing Economy
  • Entrepreneurship Research in Europe
  • The Dynamics between Entrepreneurship, Environment and Education

Moreover, ESU also collaborates with the Journal of Enterprising Communities to publish special issues each year. The 2021 topic is “Understanding the Entrepreneurial Process Through a Multidisciplinary Lens: Insights from Entrepreneurship Research in Europe”.