I view teaching entrepreneurship as an opportunity to help students explore the incredible potential of entrepreneurial endeavors while also alerting them to the risks and uncertainties associated with new venture creation and growth. Recognizing that not all students may pursue entrepreneurship as a career in the near future, I strive to highlight the benefits to all of developing an entrepreneurial mindset. Using a variety of examples – including my own professional experience as a founder, angel investor, and a member of the top management team – I help students appreciate how entrepreneurship can add value to the economy and to the society.

Selected Comments from Teaching Evaluations (Spring 2024)

“The feedback he gave after we turned in parts of our assignment was helpful with my learning. I also thought the quizzes helped out a lot and the many examples provided during those.”

“The team assignments have helped the most as it has allowed me to practice the material I have learned in class.”

“Gala’s in-depth presentations and real-world experience of his work and he also was always thorough when answering student questions.”

Selected Comments from Teaching Evaluations (Fall 2023)

“I think what helped my learning most in this class was the feedback from the instructor and the ability to ask the instructor questions and know you will get helpful feedback.”

“The participation points were a great driver for participation in class and I really loved when our professor found videos or examples of companies to show us during lecture that better exemplified the topics we were learning. I think our professor did a great job keeping our class engaged by guiding more interactive activities that related to the material.”

“The instructor provided lots of in class examples and videos that helped us better understand the course materials. The class is also set up with a set schedule that allows the students to work successfully and in a routine.”