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Ph.D. Candidate, Ivy College of Business, Iowa State University, USA

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Curriculum vitae: Kaushik Gala

EDUCATION Ivy College of Business, Iowa State University, Ames, IA, USA 2025 (exp)    Ph.D. (Entrepreneurship)   McCombs College of Business, University of Texas, Austin, TX, USA 2003               Master of Business Administration   Department… Read more →

Startup Pricing & Positioning Strategy ~ Focus on Deep-tech Ventures

Startup pricing strategy is an art and science for early-stage startups. With a wide variety of revenue models to choose from, entrepreneurs can and must experiment with different pricing techniques. As their ventures mature, founders will discover the optimal pricing… Read more →

Market Segmentation, Research, Sizing for Technology Startups

Of the various factors that influence a startup’s outcome, the market is probably the most important one. Therefore, understanding the target market, its size, its growth, and its segmentation, is crucial for founders. While there may not be sufficiently detailed… Read more →

Entrepreneurial Process: A Business Development Perspective

Are new ventures constantly in chaos? Is there a method to the madness? Yes, successful startups do have an entrepreneurial process at their heart. Founders systematically track and explore market opportunities. Moreover, they seek funds and resources, persuade others to… Read more →

Disciplined Entrepreneurship: From PoCs To Production

Technology startups spend a lot of time, effort, and capital trying to go past the proof-of-concept (PoC) stage. Only a small percentage of them are able to do it. The secret of success? Disciplined entrepreneurship to take a new venture… Read more →

Entrepreneurship Health – Mental Impact, Coping, Support

Even before COVID, startup teams faced stress, anxiety, and depression due to the incessant pressure to succeed. Yet, entrepreneurship health is a rarely discussed topic in the startup ecosystem. I gave a talk in 2020, hosted by Venture Center, on… Read more →

Founder Exit Strategy: Earlier the Millions the Better?

The startup ecosystem is enamored with unicorns but the reality is that many exits are ‘small’. Most of them are of the order of tens of millions of dollars. Those that are successful are the ones consciously pursued with a… Read more →

Be An Entrepreneur! Motto for Sales in Science Startups

Sales remains a challenge for many first-time science entrepreneurs, especially during the early stages of their startups. Yet, without customers, the venture is just another R&D project. Hence, being an entrepreneur implies recognizing this reality and committing to sales and… Read more →

Entrepreneurial Culture: Leadership, Kindness, and Trust

In the world of science & engineering startups, entrepreneurial culture is often considered a ‘soft’, wishy-washy concept. Instead, it is a powerful lever in the entrepreneurial process and can lead to exceptional outcomes. I gave a talk in 2020, hosted… Read more →

American Entrepreneur Strategy for Indian B2B Startups

The United States remains not only the largest economy in the world but also an ‘early adopter’ of technology innovation. Repeatedly, B2B science and engineering startups in India realize this market opportunity. However, they struggle to figure out and implement… Read more →

Technology Intrapreneur: Licensing & Spinoffs for Research Labs

This was a talk I gave in 2018 at the NCL Venture Center in Pune as part of a multi-day base camp for science entrepreneurs. The focus was how a technology intrapreneur at a large lab can drive the commercialization… Read more →

Entrepreneurial Marketing: GTM for Indian LifeSci Startups

This is a talk I gave in 2016 at the Bangalore Bioinnovation Centre (BBC) – Institute of Biotechnology (IBAB). The emphasis was on entrepreneurial marketing i.e. how to hack B2B customer acquisition.   The target audience was biological sciences startups… Read more →

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