Kaushik Gala

Ph.D. Candidate, Ivy College of Business, Iowa State University, USA

Entrepreneurship Research, Teaching, Service, and Practice

Curriculum vitae: Kaushik Gala

EDUCATION Ivy College of Business, Iowa State University, Ames, IA, USA 2025 (exp)    Ph.D. (Entrepreneurship) – proposal defended on 17 June, 2024   McCombs College of Business, University of Texas, Austin, TX, USA 2003           … Read more →

Scite ~ Contextual Citations for Academic Researchers

Scite is an online tool that helps academic researchers discover and evaluate scientific articles by considering citations in the right context, i.e., whether citations support or counter the claims of a given paper. The tool uses deep learning algorithms to… Read more →

Zotero ~ Personal Research Assistant for Academics

Zotero is a free-to-use, open-source tool that helps students and scholars organize their research. You can sort the academic papers that you are reading into collections, tag them with keywords, or create searches whose results get automatically updated as you… Read more →

Connected Papers ~ Similarity using Co-citations, Bibliographic Coupling

Connected Papers “is a unique, visual tool to help researchers and applied scientists find and explore papers relevant to their field of work”.You enter the name of the ‘origin’ paper and it creates a graph, after analyzing tens of thousands… Read more →

Scholarcy ~ Quickly Summarize Research Articles, Reports, Books, Publications

Scholarcy is an online tool that quickly creates automatic summaries of research articles, reports, book chapters, etc. It uses artificial intelligence to identify key information in a research paper such as study participants, data analyses, main findings, limitations, etc. Thus, it can… Read more →

Researching Entrepreneurship ~ Empiricism + Theorizing + Practice

“In Researching Entrepreneurship, one of the most highly recognized entrepreneurship scholars shares in a personal and readable way his rich experience and ideas on how entrepreneurship can or should be researched. Numerous real examples accompany the treatment of problems and… Read more →

The Entrepreneurial Scholar ~ A Framework and Four Styles

“The Entrepreneurial Scholar examines what it means to be an entrepreneurial scholar, drawing on a range of philosophical ideas to investigate the study of entrepreneurs. Dimov makes the case for entrepreneurial scholarship to become more future-oriented and creates a framework,… Read more →

The Aspiring Entrepreneurship Scholar: Strategies and Advice

“The Aspiring Entrepreneurship Scholar offers helpful insight and advice on how doctoral students and junior faculty can succeed as an entrepreneurship scholar. It invites them to think entrepreneurially to identify research opportunities, manage the journal publication process, achieve excellence in… Read more →

US Association for Small Business & Entrepreneurship USASBE Conference

“The United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) is an inclusive community advancing entrepreneurship education through bold teaching, scholarship, and practice. The USASBE Conference showcases innovative entrepreneurship research, teaching cases, teaching exercises and serves as a forum for… Read more →

Eurostat Factors of Business Success (FOBS) Database

The Eurostat Factors of Business Success survey was carried out by 13 Member States (CZ, DK, EE, FR, IT, LV, LT, LU, AT, PT, SI, SK and SE) and the Acceding Countries (BG and RO) during 2005-2006. The objective of… Read more →

National Establishment Time Series (NETS) Database

“The National Establishment Time-Series (NETS) database provides longitudinal data on various dynamics of the U.S. economy that include establishment job creation and destruction, sales growth performance, survivability of business startups, mobility patterns, changes in primary markets, corporate affiliations that highlight… Read more →

Comparative Immigrant Entrepreneurship Project (CIEP)

“The Comparative Immigrant Entrepreneurship Project (CIEP) survey of over 1,200 Colombian, Dominican, and Salvadoran family heads is the first to explicitly measure the extent of economic, political, and socio-cultural transnationalism among immigrants and to develop predictive models of these activities…. Read more →

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