“The United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) is an inclusive community advancing entrepreneurship education through bold teaching, scholarship, and practice. The USASBE Conference showcases innovative entrepreneurship research, teaching cases, teaching exercises and serves as a forum for center directors and affiliates to present programs and ask for ideas.”

USASBE Conference


Past Sessions:

  • Creative and Arts Entrepreneurship
  • Content Entrepreneurship
  • Identifying High-Potential Entrepreneurial Ideas
  • Deal Flow, Angel Investment, and Venture Capital
  • Women’s History and Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship Education & Pedagogy
  • Developing University Accelerators
  • Leveraging Entrepreneurship as a Tool of Empowerment
  • Stoking the Fire and Banking the Coals: Passion and Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship Centers: Programs and Competencies
  • Emotions in Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Entrepreneurial Cognitions and Behaviors
  • Entrepreneur’s Characteristics
  • Women & Minority Entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurial Intentions and Behaviors
  • Entrepreneurial Processes and Teams
  • Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

The USASBE Conference has been running for nearly 25 years. Besides this and many other events, the USASBE also has a mentorship program for fellows:

  1. Entrepreneurship researchers looking to enhance their publishing efforts or take on editorial roles
  2. Lecturers and instructors interested in adopting best practices for entrepreneurship education
  3. Entrepreneurship directors or program managers looking to collaborate with, and learn from, similar organizations

Moreover, USASBE has several special interest groups (SIGs) for entrepreneurship scholars to participate in. Some unique SIGs are:

  • Rural entrepreneurship
  • K-12 connection
  • Creative & Arts entrepreneurship