“The Aspiring Entrepreneurship Scholar offers helpful insight and advice on how doctoral students and junior faculty can succeed as an entrepreneurship scholar. It invites them to think entrepreneurially to identify research opportunities, manage the journal publication process, achieve excellence in the classroom, secure a faculty position, and build a research record worthy of promotion and tenure. Drawing from his experience as a research scholar, editor, review board member, mentor, and reviewer of many promotion and tenure cases, author Dean Shepherd offers strategies and other pieces of advice for navigating the obstacles that can prevent a successful scholarly career. This book provides an overview and roadmap to help entrepreneurship scholars achieve success, and stimulates thought and discussion for doctoral students and junior and senior faculty to consider as they look to develop the next generation in academia”.













The Aspiring Entrepreneurship Scholar

Strategies and Advice for a Successful Academic Career

Author(s): Dean A. Shepherd

ISBN: 978-1-137-58996-5

A wonderful book for someone who has finished their PhD in Entrepreneurship and is about to start a career in academia. Dr. Shepherd covers the 3 main areas of work: research, education, and service.