“The California Entrepreneurship Educators Conference (CEEC) is a boutique-style conference that brings together world-class entrepreneurship educators, researchers, and center staff to share knowledge and perspectives to build exceptional entrepreneurship programs. It intends to attract a diverse group of professionals in academia for fruitful discussions and new collaborations.”

California Entrepreneurship Educators Conference

April 2021

Theme: Reinventing Entrepreneurship for the Future.


  • Digital Transformation: Before Covid and After
  • What Makes Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurial?
  • Technicalities of Entrepreneurship: Investor Term Sheets, Intellectual Property, and Digital Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship Teaching Ladder: From High School to Community College to the University
  • Redefining Market Opportunities
  • Cutting Edge of Tech and Teaching: MVP, App Development, & VR
  • The Intersection of Entrepreneurship and STEM
  • What’s Different About the Poor and Disadvantaged When It Comes to Entrepreneurship (and What’s Not)
  • A Kaleidoscope of Community College Approaches to Teaching Excellence
  • Conducting Qualitative Research
  • The Entrepreneurial Mindset Spectrum
  • Mobilizing the Entrepreneurial Mindset in Underserved Communities
  • The Road Not Taken on Entrepreneurship Research
  • Employability and Entrepreneurship: Reinventing the Core Connection in Community Colleges
  • The Promise of Entrepreneurship Education: It’s About Authenticity & Trust
  • The Nature of Entrepreneurial Wisdom
  • A Lens on Empowering Entrepreneurship and Impact
  • Early Stage Entrepreneurship: How Early is Early?
  • Reinventing Entrepreneurship Education
  • Experiential Entrepreneurship
  • Humane Entrepreneurship

The video recording of the 2020 California Entrepreneurship Educators Conference is available online for scholars and students’ benefit.