The Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Conference is organized by the Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise, Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. The FEC exposes students to “cutting-edge research reports and policy debates led by the nation’s leading academics, practitioners, and policymakers within the field of entrepreneurship”.

Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Conference

Past sessions

  • Entrepreneurship in Regulated Markets: Burden or Boon?
  • Social Entrepreneurship: Mechanisms and Challenges
  • Building Entrepreneurship Ecosystems: A Cautionary Tale
  • The Changing Startup Financing Landscape: Impact to Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
  • Has the JOBS Act of 2012 Helped Startups?
  • Is the Startup Compensation Model Broken?
  • Institutional Intermediaries and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets
  • Principled Pragmatism and Strategic Reorientation in New Ventures
  • The Entrepreneurial Process
  • Startup Employees
  • Measuring Entrepreneurship
  • Motivations and Team Building Processes of Employee Entrepreneurs
  • Solo-Founded Ventures versus Co-founded Ventures

The Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Conference has been held since 2017. It is accompanied by the Trends in Entrepreneurship Report, a compilation of presentations related to trends in startup funding, ecosystems, teams and talent, and emerging technologies. There is particular emphasis on submissions “addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion in entrepreneurship and small business”. Authorship in the report is open to not only academic scholars but industry and government researchers as well. Access to the TER is free and open to the public.