“The International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference (IEEC) is highly regarded for its participatory style with a wide range of educator-led interactive sessions and seminars as well as keynotes led by inspirational experts from across the world.”

International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference

September 2021 International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference

Theme: Good Practice, Inspire Discussion, and Encourage Debate.


  • Enterprise and entrepreneurship teaching and research
  • Extra and co-curricular enterprise education
  • Supporting start-up, growth and scale-up
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Enterprise for the 21st century workforce
  • Working online and at a distance

Besides entrepreneurship scholars, the International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference may also appeal to stakeholders in the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem such as:

  • Incubator and accelerator managers who support startup founders and teams
  • Policy-makers in the government who wish to promote entrepreneurship education
  • Knowledge transfer professionals who support scientists to maximise the socio-economic impact of academic research

In 2020, the conference explored the impact of online education, the entrepreneurial mindset required to cope with disruptions such as the pandemic, and using gamification in the form of escape rooms as a method of entrepreneurship pedagogy. The event also included discussions on entrepreneurial resources for students, women, and minorities who wish to create new ventures.

Among the many resources listed by the IEEC for educators is the rich set of curriculum-wise toolkits made available by Enterprise Educators UK. The ETCToolkit “showcases tried and tested materials and case examples. It offers support and suggestions from those that have been working with, or continue to work directly with students, and is effectively created by academics for academics”.