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Digital Entrepreneur: Biotech + Software for Health

I gave a talk in 2016 on the challenges and opportunities for the ‘digital entrepreneur’. This is a founder focused on digital medicine a.k.a. digital health, mHealth, eHealth, or telemedicine. I started with examples from the US and ended with… Read more →

Successful Entrepreneurship: Startup Journey from 0 to 1

There is tremendous opportunity to create value by helping startups navigate the treacherous journey from pre-revenue to the first US$1M in revenue. Successful entrepreneurship requires the ability to manage risk and take advantage of uncertainty. This is to be done… Read more →

Entrepreneurial Leadership: Life Sciences Innovation in India

I put together a mini-presentation in 2016 on how entrepreneurial leadership can transform the biotech startup ecosystem in India.   There remains a poor appetite for biotech and med-tech startups among Indian investors. Yet, the long-term opportunity is substantial, especially… Read more →

Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Early Exits by Founders

While every founder dreams of a billion-dollar exit, the reality is that most startups go bust. Of the ones that do make it, the majority are bought out by larger companies. Smart founders convert entrepreneurial opportunities into ‘early exits’. This… Read more →

Entrepreneurial Skills: Selling B2B Technology Products

Founder-led selling at early-stage B2B startups is quite different than say ‘professional selling’ in the IT industry. I gave this talk in 2016 to highlight entrepreneurial skills that can help land the first few customers. Starting with PoCs and pilots,… Read more →

For Entrepreneurs: CorpDev + Customer Development

I had been mulling over a thesis for a venture that works at the intersection of large companies, startups, and VCs. For entrepreneurs, this would translate to business development and fund-raising. The 2016 presentation below explores the role of key… Read more →

Entrepreneurial Spirit in Science & Deep-Tech Venturing

For innovators who launch startups in the fields of biological, chemical, or material sciences, business development can be confusing, challenging, and costly. The solution is to adopt an entrepreneurial spirit, along the lines of the ‘lean startup’ methodology. IP-rich startups… Read more →

Startup Company: Entrepreneurs and Corporations

The allure of working with a big corporate is inevitable for a startup company. After all, a commercial deal with a large multinational can translate into immediate cash flow, valuation jump, new leads, etc. Moreover, ‘corporate development’ teams are now… Read more →

Business Entrepreneurs: How Can We Support Them?

How about a venture that can create value by helping technology business entrepreneurs in India? Here’s a 2014 take on it.   The essence being that the right mix of people can support multiple deep-tech startups.  With a limited liability… Read more →

Entrepreneurship Development: CSR Fund for Startups

Below is a 2013 presentation that explores the possibility of using the ‘mandatory’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) expenditure to support early-stage, tech startups. As a tool of entrepreneurship development, this initiative can spur corporate participation in new ventures, resulting in… Read more →

What Is Entrepreneurship? Mental Models for Tech Startups

I love learning about ‘mental models’ ever since I came across Charlie Munger. His incredible ability to synthesize concepts from a variety of disciplines helped me find the answer to “What is Entrepreneurship?”. I realized that these concepts are quite… Read more →

Entrepreneurs and Money: Lessons for Indian Tech Startups

Of all the various aspects of startups, that of entrepreneurs and money is probably the most sensitive. How much personal savings should a founder invest in a high-risk venture? Should she raise venture capital? Will taking money from friends and… Read more →

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