“The Entrepreneurship as Practice (EaP) conference aims to advance the understanding of entrepreneurship-as-practice, foster network ties, facilitate collaborative writing relationships, and build a strong community of practice scholars.”

Entrepreneurship as Practice Conference

April 2021

Theme: Understanding of Entrepreneurship-as-Practice


  • What are the differences between the individualism, structuralism and practice traditions of entrepreneurship research?

  • How is the process approach to entrepreneurship (entrepreneuring) similar to and different from practice approach?

  • How are entrepreneurial behaviour theories (discover, creation, effectuation, bricolage) similar and different than practice-based theories?

  • How can we carve out insights and theories without the traditional aim of reification and generalization, given practice theories’ phenomenological roots?

  • How can we theoretically cope with the enormous diversity of practices in which entrepreneurship is implicated?

  • How can entrepreneurship studies help to theorize the reproduction and transformation of practical knowledge?

  • How can we incorporate embodiment and socio-materiality into our understanding of practices related to entrepreneurship?

  • What is the value of existing theoretical frameworks of practice for entrepreneurship research, and when should we employ or go beyond them?

The Entrepreneurship as Practice Conference contributes to EaP’s larger mission which is to “provide meaningful interventions for entrepreneurial practitioners” by appreciating how diverse and heterogeneous the field of entrepreneurship is and by incorporating this reality into academic research.