“The Smith Entrepreneurship Research Conference (SERC) helps researchers determine best practices in linking researchers’ findings to practitioners’ goals. SERC discussions are focused on relevant social, economic and organizational issues in the entrepreneurship field.” The  Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland plays an active role in SERC.


Smith Entrepreneurship Research Conference

April 2021 SERC

Theme: Entrepreneurship-focused Research


  • Human Capital and Labor Markets
  • Immigrant Employees and Organizations’ Competitive Performance
  • Cluster Dynamics, Employee Mobility, and Novelty of Firms’ Technological Innovation
  • The optionality in complements within platform-based ecosystems
  • Firing Costs, Technological Invention, and Jobless Growth
  • Back to the Future: Technology Reemergence through the Lens of Music Synthesizers

The Smith Entrepreneurship Research Conference has been held for nearly two decades. Past events have included an array of interesting papers and panels such as:

  • Entrepreneur – A jockey or a horse owner?
  • Entrepreneurship and occupational prestige
  • Startups and large Corporation Collaboration: Prey or Partners?
  • The Division of Innovative Labor between Academia and Industry and Pasteur’s Quadrant
  • Gender and Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship in Virtual Environments
  • Unobserved ability and entrepreneurship
  • Why some entrepreneurs are more entrepreneurial than others
  • Why are some regions more innovative than others?
  • The Growth and Efficacy of Accelerators
  • Bottom-of-the-pyramid innovations