“The West Coast Research Symposium (WCRS) on Technology Entrepreneurship aspires to provide an intellectually stimulating experience, map the theoretical domain of technology entrepreneurship, and build community. The symposium showcases cutting-edge work by technology entrepreneurship researchers in the field of technology entrepreneurship, innovation and strategy.”

West Coast Research Symposium

While the 2021 symposium is still being finalized, below are some topics from the past editions of the WCRS:

  • Resource Acquisition and Platforms
  • Entrepreneurial Vision, Technology, and Incumbents
  • Entrepreneurship in Academic and Non-Academic Settings
  • Environmental Impact on Entrepreneurship: The Public Sector
  • Venture Accelerators
  • Evolving Markets: Technology, Firm Identity, and Market Dynamics
  • Structuring the Entrepreneurial Organization: From Today to Tomorrow
  • Spinning an Entrepreneurial Career: Uncovering Motivational Pathways to Venture Success and Serial Entrepreneurship
  • The Role of Star Scientists in Science-based University Spin-off Emergence

Since 2003, the West Coast Research Symposium has sought to leverage the rich technology startup ecosystem in the Silicon Valley Bay Area and Seattle. The 2021 WCSR, i.e., the 18th annual conference, seeks to explore two interesting themes:

  • Entrepreneurship that intends to generate sustainable solutions, e.g., climate change solutions
  • The dark side of entrepreneurship, e.g., mental disorders, monopolistic behavior.

Clearly, there is a strong science & technology flavor to this conference. Nevertheless, there is a wonderful breadth of topics discussed at this entrepreneurship research symposium over the years.