“The annual Global Research Conference on Marketing and Entrepreneurship (GRCME) focuses on themes such as the considerable gap in research on corporate social responsibility (CSR) within small and young firms, with a scarcity of knowledge concerning responsible business and sustainability which takes into account the nature of and, role of stakeholders of these ventures. Social enterprise and value-driven leadership in social enterprises provides a further salient area to study.”

Global Research Conference on Marketing and Entrepreneurship

2021 Virtual Conference

Theme: Sustainability at the Marketing/Entrepreneurship Interface


  • The benefits and challenges for smaller enterprises in implementing sustainable practices.
  • How do SMEs and start-ups contribute to sustainability? Why do these businesses matter (in this context)?
  • The role of sales driven marketing and responsible business.
  • Digital marketing and ethics related to entrepreneurial decision making and practice.
  • The Consumer-Entrepreneur relationship and trust; how can entrepreneurs act responsibly?
  • Social enterprise and free will – how can entrepreneurial leadership play a role in value creation activities in social contexts?
  • CSR in SMEs and young firms – the role of firms’ stakeholders and their networks

One of the stakeholders in the Global Research Conference on Marketing and Entrepreneurship is the American Marketing Association’s Entrepreneurship Special Interest Group (SIG), which facilitates research and teaching at the intersection of marketing with entrepreneurship.