The Dow Jones private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) databases enable investment decision-making by providing “proprietary news, analysis, data and newsmaker events that bring global private equity and venture capital trends into context”. Although designed for industry practitioners, the data also has relevance for entrepreneurship scholars who wish to conduct empirical analysis into new venture financing and publish their findings, ideally grounded in theory, as peer-reviewed science papers in top-tier journals.

Dow Jones PE VC

Access to Dow Jones PE & VC data

The VC database, VentureSource, now acquired by CB Insights, database has been used in the following works of entrepreneurship research:

  • Röhm, P., Köhn, A., Kuckertz, A., & Dehnen, H. S. (2017). A world of difference? The impact of corporate venture capitalists’ investment motivation on startup valuation. Journal of Business Economics, 88(3–4), 531–557.
  • Brooks, A. W., Huang, L., Kearney, S. W., & Murray, F. E. (2014). Investors prefer entrepreneurial ventures pitched by attractive men. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 111(12), 4427–4431.

This dataset includes 100,000+ private company valuations, making it quite useful for the academic analysis of entrepreneurial issues such as VC valuation multiples, sector- or geography-wise trends in investor appetite, and valuation premiums or discounts during economic booms or recessions. Moreover, entrepreneurship educators can use such databases for experiential learning exercises that model and simulate the growth in the valuation of new ventures over time.