Scite is an online tool that helps academic researchers discover and evaluate scientific articles by considering citations in the right context, i.e., whether citations support or counter the claims of a given paper. The tool uses deep learning algorithms to identify the context and classify the citations using a rhetorical function, not simply positive or negative sentiment or keywords.

Scite can be used as a browser extension and also integrated with Zotero. Students can set up ‘search alerts’ and automatically get weekly updates on the latest articles and papers of their interest.

Dew, Nicholas & Read, Stuart & Sarasvathy, Saras & Wiltbank, Robert. (2009). Effectual versus Predictive Logics in Entrepreneurial Decision Making: Differences between Experts and Novices. Journal of Business Venturing. 24. 287-309.

The above entrepreneurship research paper, when searched in Scite, leads the user to the following visualization of citations. The colors (green, blue, grey) indicate the context of such citations. For example, those in green lend support to the claim(s) made by Dew et al. (2009).


Scite has also developed its own index to rank journals using a formula that involves supporting cites and contrasting cites. Users can also do a ‘Reference Check’ to ensure that they are citing reliable work by screening against retracted references and also to check if other papers have contrasted any references.