“The Interdisciplinary European Conference on Entrepreneurship Research (IECER) is an annual international conference on entrepreneurship topics attracting scholars and delegates from academia, business and government officials from around the world … the mission of IECER is to advance interdisciplinary entrepreneurship research in Europe.” 

Interdisciplinary European Conference on Entrepreneurship Research

October 2021 IECER

Theme: Turbulence, Resilience, and Transition


  • Academic Entrepreneurship
  • Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial and Alternative Finance
  • Entrepreneurial, Innovative, and Sustainable Ecosystems
  • Entrepreneurial Dimension and Cross-sectoral Considerations of the Wine Industry
  • Entrepreneurial Wellbeing
  • Open Innovation & Startups-incumbents Cooperations
  • Entrepreneurship and Resilience
  • Technopreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial Behavior in Entrepreneurial Teams & Families, and Family Firms

Given its mandate, the Interdisciplinary European Conference on Entrepreneurship Research has, in the past, explored topics at the intersection of entrepreneurship and other academic disciplines. Examples include:

  • Human Capital and Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age – Towards a New Way of Venturing?
  • Everyday Entrepreneurship- A Call for Entrepreneurship Research to Embrace Entrepreneurial Diversity

IECER has been organized annually, at locations across Europe, for nearly two decades. The best IECER papers and presentations are published in a special issue of the International Journal of Entrepreneurship & Small Business. After completing five years in 2003, the organizers took stock of the progress and published their findings in a research paper. They noted that IECER was unique in “its ‘openness’ as an interdisciplinary research discussion forum, its deliberately small size (emphasising quality and interaction) and its focus on environment-related issues”.