“The Comparative Immigrant Entrepreneurship Project (CIEP) survey of over 1,200 Colombian, Dominican, and Salvadoran family heads is the first to explicitly measure the extent of economic, political, and socio-cultural transnationalism among immigrants and to develop predictive models of these activities. The study was designed to examine the prevalence of transnational entrepreneurship in immigrant communities and to provide basic information about its empirical contours and correlates.”

Comparative Immigrant Entrepreneurship Project


The Comparative Immigrant Entrepreneurship Project targeted Latin American immigrant nationalities in their primary areas of residential concentration in the U.S. The survey also sought to capture the characteristics and regularity of the ties they maintain with their countries of origin.

Access to CIEP data

The CIEP database is freely accessible here. This database was used in the following entrepreneurial research works:

  • Poblete, C. (2018). Shaping the castle according to the rocks in the path? Perceived discrimination, social differences, and subjective wellbeing as determinants of firm type among immigrant entrepreneurs. Journal of International Entrepreneurship, 16(2), 276–300. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10843-018-0224-9
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