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Month July 2022

AoM Entrepreneurship Division: A History of ENT Scholarship

Back in 2016, Hans Landström and Jon Lindhe of Lund University, Sweden compiled a wonderful report on the history of the Academy of Management (AoM) Entrepreneurship (ENT) Division. Started in 1974 as an interest group, the division was formally created… Read more →

California Entrepreneurship Educators Conference

“The California Entrepreneurship Educators Conference (CEEC) is a boutique-style conference that brings together world-class entrepreneurship educators, researchers, and center staff to share knowledge and perspectives to build exceptional entrepreneurship programs. It intends to attract a diverse group of professionals in… Read more →

US Small Business Administration (SBA) Survey Data

The Office of Advocacy at the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) disseminates small business economic data and statistics, such as: Census Bureau Statistics of U.S. Businesses (SUSB) Census Bureau Nonemployer Statistics (NES) Census Bureau Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs (ASE)… Read more →

Current Population Survey ~ Census Bureau & Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Current Population Survey (CPS) is a primary source of monthly labor force statistics for the US population. It is sponsored jointly by the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). About 60,000 U.S. households are… Read more →

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