The PhD program in Business Administration with Entrepreneurship Concentration at the University of Massachusetts – Lowell, Manning School of Business develops “scholars who are thought leaders in advancing theory and practice within the discipline of entrepreneurship. In particular, the core emphasis is placed on technological commercialization, new venture strategy, corporate entrepreneurship, and growth at the firm level”.

PhD Entrepreneurship University Massachusetts

The PhD in Entrepreneurship at the University of Massachusetts involves seminars on innovation and new product development and corporate entrepreneurship. Thus, the program is oriented towards entrepreneurship research into technology venturing and high-growth startups.

Areas of faculty research

  • Organizational learning and identity
  • Entrepreneurial finance
  • Breakthrough innovations
  • Corporate venturing and entrepreneurship
  • Technology management
  • Entrepreneurship and sustainability
  • Diffusion of disruptive innovations
  • New product development
  • Entrepreneurial firm growth
  • Business models for internationalization
  • Entrepreneurial entry mode choice
  • Technological entrepreneurship
  • Business models for entrepreneurial education

UML’s Manning School of Business also features the Global Entrepreneurship Exchange, a strategic program designed to “develop and promote global partnerships and collaborations with leading international institutions in entrepreneurship education and research”. Its resources for students include training on entrepreneurship concepts, mentoring of budding entrepreneurs, learning customer discovery in the context of lean startups, developing a global venture plan, and participating in venture pitch contests.