The PhD in Entrepreneurship at The University of Oklahoma “focuses on learning to conduct cutting-edge research in entrepreneurship from day one by building a community that will last until you receive tenure (and beyond)”!

PhD Entrepreneurship University Oklahoma


To ensure the completion of a doctorate in entrepreneurship within four years, OU recruits dedicated students who are keen on research and “promotes a close, mentorship-driven relationship between doctoral students and faculty members, geared toward creating a supportive environment for the fostering and development of scholarship and academic expertise”. This is done via an apprenticeship model to help PhD students quickly learn the peer-review process and benchmarks for top-tier entrepreneurship journals.

Areas of research in entrepreneurship at OU include:

  • Entrepreneurial Failure
  • Decision Making and Cognition
  • Biology/Entrepreneurship Interface
  • Entrepreneurial strategy
  • Crowdfunding
  • Entrepreneurial orientation and Business Performance
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial rhetoric
  • Compensation strategies in entrepreneurial non-profits
  • Research method development
  • Opportunity recognition
  • Corporate entrepreneurship

The PhD program in Entrepreneurship at The University of Oklahoma is complemented by programs and resources such as an Innovation Hub, experiential learning, Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, Launch Pad, innovation fund, business incubator, startup accelerator, and an entrepreneurship expo. Moreover, OU has a Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth (CCEW) – “an economic development organization specializing in technology commercialization, software business development, social entrepreneurship, and agile product design”.