The PhD program in Entrepreneurship at Syracuse University, Whitman School of Management focuses on individual entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial orientation, firm growth, and entrepreneurship and public policy.

PhD in Entrepreneurship at Syracuse University

Areas of faculty research

  • Cryptocurrencies and entrepreneurial finance
  • Partnerships in new ventures
  • Venture hyper-growth
  • Habitual entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurship addiction
  • Entrepreneurial self-efficacy
  • Policies of angel investors and venture capitalists
  • Measurement of effectuation
  • Models of entrepreneurial opportunity
  • Crowdfunding
  • Teaching entrepreneurial business models
  • Entrepreneurial learning
  • ADHD in entrepreneurs and impact on firm performance

Entrepreneurship research conducted via the PhD program in Entrepreneurship at Syracuse University is unique in that it intersects with public policy and technology. For example, the Institute for an Entrepreneurial Society (IES) at Syracuse provides PhD training, academic research, and broader impacts through policy analysis and public outreach. IES’s mission is “to produce high-quality evidence-based research on the political economy of entrepreneurship, educate future thought leaders in the field, and engage the academic community in explorations of the entrepreneurial society”.

Similarly, the Falcone Center for Entrepreneurship facilitates entrepreneurial activity on campus as well as in the local and regional communities. Furthermore, the Earl V. Snyder Innovation Management Center enables students to explore digital transformation technologies for business growth and learn about new product development and innovation efforts in technology-based organizations.