The PhD in Business Administration with an option in Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Oregon State University’s College of Business trains doctoral students to “conduct quality research in strategy and entrepreneurship as well as management and marketing”.

PhD Entrepreneurship Oregon State

Coursework for PhD scholars in Entrepreneurship at Oregon State University includes foundations of entrepreneurship research, corporate entrepreneurship, technology and innovation management, and new product development, marketing & commercialization.

Areas of faculty research

  • Governance and innovation
  • Bankruptcy antecedents and outcomes
  • Impact of founders on new ventures
  • New venture alliance formation
  • Corporate venture capital
  • New product development
  • Venture capital portfolio breadth
  • Acquisition premiums and post-acquisition performance
  • Business model changes
  • Venture capital exit strategies
  • Resource acquisition

Innovation X at OSU is part of Oregon’s rich entrepreneurial ecosystem. This Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship enables students “to explore entrepreneurship, participate in startup activities, test new business ideas, and launch new ventures”. Moreover, Oregon State University hosted the Promotion and Tenure – Innovation and Entrepreneurship (PTIE) Summit in 2020 to discuss “the value and inclusion of evidence-based data, experimental knowledge and impact outcomes derived from innovation and entrepreneurial achievements”. The event included sessions on gender and age impact on venture performance, tenure and promotion trends, and the need for diversity, equity, and inclusion in innovation and entrepreneurship.