The Doctorate (PhD) program in Entrepreneurship at Oklahoma State University, Watson Graduate School of Management “produces graduates who can meaningfully advance theory and practice within the discipline of entrepreneurship, and contribute to the pedagogical development of the field. The doctoral program is personalized to reflect the intellectual interests of the students while capitalizing on the strengths of our entrepreneurship faculty”.

PhD Entrepreneurship Oklahoma State


Coursework for the PhD program in Entrepreneurship at Oklahoma State University includes seminars in entrepreneurship theory, history, and processes – with emphasis on innovative, growth-oriented enterprises.

Areas of faculty research

  • Social skills and networks of entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneur stress levels
  • Failure experiences in entrepreneurship
  • Unethical decisions by entrepreneurs
  • Developing an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Transitioning from founder to manager
  • Publication bias in entrepreneurship research
  • Enhancing entrepreneurial excellence
  • Entrepreneurs’ improvisational behavior
  • Job design and entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial leadership skill development
  • Entrepreneurs’ dispositional positive affect

OSU’s School of Entrepreneurship is the catalyst and hub for entrepreneurial activity on campus and complements the MBA degree program in Entrepreneurship. The Riata Center for Entrepreneurship focuses on experiential learning for entrepreneurial education while the Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (CIE) Scholars program encourages scholars to “take research being performed on campus or other technical ideas and develop a commercialization plan for the technology”.