The PhD programme in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Loughborough University, London enables doctoral students to “explore how innovation may be harnessed to start, grow, and sustain organisations, and how entrepreneurial behaviour can address social problems in today‚Äôs rapidly evolving world. Some key areas of interest are new venture creation and entrepreneurial entry, business innovation, digital innovation, and social enterprise.”.

PhD Entrepreneurship Loughborough University

Areas of faculty research

  • Formal and informal entrepreneurship
  • University spin-outs
  • Contextual influences on strategic entrepreneurship
  • Corporate entrepreneurship
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Creative and cultural industries enterprise
  • Information asymmetry and entrepreneurial entry
  • Habitual, serial and portfolio entrepreneurship
  • Ethnic minority enterprise
  • Gender, intersectionality and entrepreneurship
  • Business model innovation
  • Entrepreneurship ecosystem
  • Innovation ecosystem
  • Governance including boards, trustees, and family councils
  • The darker side of family firms (employee relations, family exit, firm failure)

PhD students in Entrepreneurship at Loughborough University can expand their horizons by attending research seminars at the Institute for Diplomacy and International Governance Speaker Series, the Institute for International Management Speaker Series, and the Institute for Media and Creative Industries Speaker Series. Among the many interesting case studies published by faculty and doctoral students is one on entrepreneurship education which explores the tension between illicit entrepreneurial activity and the reality that opportunities for profit often occur in places that fly under the radar of regulation.