The PhD programme in Strategy and Entrepreneurship at London Business School emphasizes real-world relevance as a core value. Students are encouraged to:

  • Conduct research that focuses on understanding how organisations create and sustain superior competitive performance, and on the processes by which economic value is created and distributed in markets
  • Draw on interdisciplinary concepts and theories from economics, sociology and psychology
  • Address a wide variety of topics that have direct or indirect implications for organisational effectiveness
  • Commit to conducting rigorous research, but also to addressing questions that have significant implications for firms and markets

PhD Entrepreneurship London Business School

Areas of faculty research

  • Economics of entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Corporate entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial finance
  • Corporate venture capital
  • Crowdfunding and accelerators.
  • Managerial cognition
  • Informal forces within firms, e.g., cooperation, trust and norms
  • Entrepreneurial education
  • Business angels
  • Commercialising new-to-the-world inventions
  • Innovation, creativity, and firm growth
  • Venture philanthropy
  • How collaborative relationships between firms can enable (or indeed constrain) innovation

The LBS ecosystem has much to offer students pursuing a PhD in Entrepreneurship at London Business School. One resource is the Enterprise 100 Club which connects students with policymakers, investors, successful entrepreneurs, and business leaders. Another is the Sumantra Ghoshal Strategy Conference on Managerially Relevant Research which brings together academics to not only exchange ideas on research but also generate insights for practitioners, managers, consultants and policy makers.