The well-regarded Kelley Business School at Indiana University offers a Doctoral Program (PhD) in Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management. This entrepreneurship major is designed to “develop a strong theoretical foundation and rigorous empirical skills to conduct innovative business research”.

Doctoral Major in Entrepreneurship at Indiana University

Areas of faculty research in entrepreneurship include:

  • corporate entrepreneurship
  • new venture development
  • new venture legitimacy
  • social entrepreneurship
  • entrepreneurial passion

Recent PhD students/graduates in entrepreneurship at Indiana University have explored interesting areas of research such as entrepreneurial support organizations, international opportunity pursuit, maker spaces, and Individual entrepreneurial orientation. They also have the opportunity to gain an academic perspective on international business, globalization, economic development, and international entrepreneurship – quite useful for those interested in policy-making.

Amongst the required courses for a PhD in Entrepreneurship at Indiana University is the one on Theoretical Foundations of Entrepreneurship, which includes:

  • Entrepreneurship motivation and opportunity,
  • Entrepreneurial attention and information processing,
  • Entrepreneurial decision making and biases,
  • Entrepreneurs’ human and social capital,
  • Entrepreneurial failure

This is complemented by coursework on management theories such as resource-based view of strategy, perspectives on firm growth, the knowledge- and attentions-based views of the firm, the role of the environment in strategic decisions, new venturing, entry strategies, etc.

Even at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels, students can choose to major in entrepreneurship and corporate innovation. The emphasis here is on skills and knowledge needed by entrepreneurs and managers of small- and medium-sized firms (SMEs).