The PhD programme in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Imperial College Business School “welcomes PhD students from a wide variety of academic backgrounds who strive for excellence and have a desire to influence policy and practice by working at the interface of science, engineering and business management. Faculty and students at Imperial undertake research into the innovation and entrepreneurship process, from identifying pockets of original knowledge in the search for ideas, to the diffusion and entrepreneurial exploitation of new products, processes and services.”.

PhD Entrepreneurship Imperial College

Areas of faculty research

  • Spotting and leveraging entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Managing the innovation process
  • Advances in entrepreneurship ecosystems
  • Commercialising science innovations
  • Examining the rules and management of platform leadership
  • Social dynamics of adoption and its consequences for firms’ strategy and innovation
  • Understanding the link between senior managerial style and firm strategy
  • Effect of team selection processes on success

Students pursuing the PhD in Entrepreneurship at Imperial College benefit from the wider ecosystem including research centres such as:

  • Centre for Management Buy-Out Research, which studies private equity and buy-outs
  • The Entrepreneurship Hub, which translates new insights developed by the academic community into practical tools and guidelines for entrepreneurs and managers
  • Entrepreneurial Family Business Centre, which studies innovation and governance in entrepreneurial families and family-owned businesses