PhD Research in Entrepreneurship, Growth, and Public Policy at George Mason University’s Schar School of Policy and Government is unique in that it has a strong focus on expert policy analysis and administration. This multidisciplinary program “examines entrepreneurship policy from the perspective of the agent, business, economy, and society. Relying less on the state for wealth creation, distribution, and ownership;  the entrepreneurship policy field prepares students to understand the role of entrepreneurship in society and help create entrepreneurial economies.

PhD Entrepreneurship George Mason

Areas of faculty research:

  • Intersection of Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Process of New Venture Creation
  • Small Business Programs, Growth, and Innovation
  • The role of occupational choice in the exploitation of opportunity
  • Economic and social consequences of new ventures
  • Evaluation of public policies that encourage entrepreneurship
  • Role of entrepreneurship in the design of new organizations
  • Factors that influence the levels of entrepreneurship in a region, nation, and the global economy
  • The use of an entrepreneurship lens to find novel solutions to public problems
  • The role of human and financial resource assembly in entrepreneurship

Thus, graduates who pursue PhD Research in Entrepreneurship, Growth, and Public Policy at George Mason University are likely to consider policy-making and analyst roles as compelling career paths, besides a traditional academic career that involves research, teaching, and service.