The PhD program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Louisville (Kentucky) is “structured to train and prepare students for a scholarly academic career researching entrepreneurship and innovation; UoL graduates should be productive researchers and effective teachers in academic settings”. Coursework includes seminars on venture capital, innovation and business transformation, family business and, of course, entrepreneurship theory.

PhD Entrepreneurship University of Louisville

Areas of faculty research

  • Corporate entrepreneurship
  • Development of venture learning proficiency
  • Relationship between entrepreneurial education and entrepreneurial intentions
  • Search and discovery by repeatedly successful entrepreneurs
  • Family business brands
  • Customer co-creation in the entrepreneurial context
  • Work-family conflict
  • Entrepreneurial leadership development
  • Creation and innovation
  • Entrepreneurial well-being

Besides the PhD program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the University of Louisville also offers an Innovation MBA and has the Forcht Center for Entrepreneurship, “a comprehensive suite of programs that develop and nurture entrepreneurial skills, experiences, and career opportunities. Moreover, UoL has set up the Center for Free Enterprise to give all students “the opportunity to learn about the use of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial thinking in their work, no matter their intended major or career choice”. Finally, UoL also has the Family Business Center, a learning community in which “families and their businesses gain the knowledge and connections they need to grow, succeed, and thrive from generation to generation”.