The Strategy and Entrepreneurship PhD program at the University of Colorado Boulder, Leeds School of Business is focused on “research on firm strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship; faculty and PhD students draw upon multiple disciplinary perspectives to explore issues of competitive strategy”.

The Entrepreneurship PhD at the University of Colorado Boulder has four themes:

  1. How do firms gain and sustain a performance advantage?
  2. How do firms acquire, develop and renew knowledge assets to survive and grow in dynamic markets?
  3. How do individuals recognize and exploit opportunities by developing new organizations such as startups, spinouts or social ventures?
  4. How do corporations make decisions on acquisitions, alliances and internalization?

Entrepreneurship PhD University Colorado Boulder

Areas of faculty research

  • Compassion and social entrepreneurship
  • Private equity investments in emerging markets
  • New venture pursuit of external capital
  • Diversification in the venture capital industry
  • Value of employee retention
  • Entrepreneurial finance
  • Intellectual property rights in the context of new ventures
  • Firm speed
  • Innovative business models for societal benefit
  • Academic entrepreneurship
  • University-industry technology transfer

Besides undergraduate and graduate programs, the entrepreneurial ecosystem at UCB includes the Deming Center which promotes “experiential learning, research and community engagement”. Students, entrepreneurs and small business owners get access to training programs, incubation, mentoring, investor networks, workshops, and more.