The PhD program in Entrepreneurship & Strategy at the University of Utah, Eccles School of Business offers students the opportunity to “pursue new research directions in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation and technology, and international management”.

PhD Entrepreneurship University Utah

Areas of faculty research

  • Entrepreneurial foresight
  • Workplace relationships and interpersonal dynamics
  • Entrepreneurial overconfidence
  • Fairness and ethics
  • Entrepreneurial education
  • Impression and perception management
  • Entrepreneurial teams

Student and faculty entrepreneurs at the University of Utah have access to Lassonde Studios where they can create and launch new products, initiatives,  and ventures. This is in addition to an innovation space, training programs, networking events, business plan competitions, etc.

PhD students of Entrepreneurship and Strategy at the University of Utah will find a unique resource in the Manifesto, a document that “summarizes some of the hard-earned wisdom of faculty members and intended to help incoming PhD students succeed in the doctoral program”. The manifesto clarifies the intent and purpose of most Entrepreneurship PhD programs:

The doctoral program at the DESB is a very research-intensive program, designed to produce scholars who do world-class research and teach. Our mission is to graduate PhDs who obtain faculty positions at our peer research institutions. The emphasis on research (in addition to the ability to teach) is a critical, distinguishing factor of our program.

This is especially important for incoming PhD students with industry experience or those unsure about the career path after doctoral graduation.