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Handbook of Research in Entrepreneurship Education

“The Handbook of Research in Entrepreneurship Education is organized around three trends in entrepreneurship education: pedagogies, content and changes and innovation occurring within specific paradigms. The companion Volume 2: Contextual Perspectives, focuses on key issues and significant developments in the… Read more →

PhD in Entrepreneurship at University of Tennessee, Knoxville

The PhD program in strategy, entrepreneurship and organizations at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville – Haslam College of Business focuses on the “analysis of entrepreneurial and established companies at the overall, CEO, founder and top-management levels. The program places particular… Read more →

Corporate Entrepreneurship & Innovation ~ Intrapreneurship at Companies

“Corporate Entrepreneurship & Innovation employs a clear and informative how-to approach and features sections and chapters organized according to a summary model of the corporate entrepreneurship process. A professional format and look make the text especially appealing for sophisticated readers… Read more →

The Dynamics Between Entrepreneurship, Environment and Education

“The Dynamics between Entrepreneurship, Environment and Education reflects how the European landscape of entrepreneurship research is now more complex than ever. It presents an overview of the current state of entrepreneurship research in Europe and also reflects on the future… Read more →

Babson Collaborative Annual Global Summit ~ Entrepreneurship Educators

“The Babson Collaborative Annual Global Summit (AGS) brings together entrepreneurship educators from around the world to share best practices in pedagogy and advance thought leadership. The Babson Collaborative is driven by a shared belief that institutions acting together achieve more… Read more →

Entrepreneurship and New Value Creation: Process Dynamic

“Entrepreneurship and New Value Creation is a fascinating, research-driven book that will appeal to graduate students, researchers and reflective practitioners concerned with the dynamics of the entrepreneurial process. The purpose of this book is to improve our understanding of this… Read more →

How to Get Published in the Best Entrepreneurship Journals

“Competition to publish in the top journals is fierce. This book provides entrepreneurship researchers with relevant material and insights to support them in their efforts to publish their research in the most prestigious entrepreneurship outlets. This essential guide to publishing… Read more →

Handbook on the Entrepreneurial University ~ Entrepreneurship for HEIs

“The Handbook on the Entrepreneurial University offers a lens through which to view entrepreneurship strategy for higher education institutions, as it becomes increasingly necessary for universities to consider changing their strategies, culture and practices to become more entrepreneurial. Through extensive… Read more →

Philosophical Reflexivity and Entrepreneurship Research

“An authoritative and informative collection of essays, Philosophical Reflexivity and Entrepreneurship Research provides a set of thoughtful, and refreshing commentaries on the different ways in which philosophical assumptions shape entrepreneurship research. The chapters in this book go beyond critiquing current… Read more →

PhD in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at University of Missouri

The interdisciplinary PhD program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Missouri Kansas City, Bloch School of Management requires “demonstrating depth of knowledge in a conceptual domain, discipline, creativity, critical thinking and analysis, and above all, a passion for social… Read more →

Dow Jones Private Equity (PE) & Venture Capital (VC) Database

The Dow Jones private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) databases enable investment decision-making by providing “proprietary news, analysis, data and newsmaker events that bring global private equity and venture capital trends into context”. Although designed for industry practitioners, the… Read more →

PhD in Entrepreneurship at MIT Sloan School of Management

The PhD program in Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Sloan School of Management “trains scholars with an interest in understanding the challenges of innovation and entrepreneurship—moving ideas and companies from the earliest stages… Read more →

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