“Advances in Entrepreneurship, Firm Emergence and Growth (AEFEG) provides an annual examination of the major current research, theoretical and methodological efforts in the field of entrepreneurship and its related disciplines of small business, family business and population ecology, as well as firm growth and emergence research. The papers in AEFEG reflect many state-of-the-art topics and approaches and are written by leading researchers in the field, making each volume an important source of information for virtually all entrepreneurship researchers. In addition, each volume contains one or more methodological article which provides all the necessary instruments and methodological details to permit readers to use the approach in their own work.”.

Advances in Entrepreneurship Firm Emergence and Growth

Advances in Entrepreneurship, Firm Emergence and Growth

Editor(s): Jerome Katz, Andrew C. Corbett, G. Thomas (Tom) Lumpkin


1, 2, 3: Advances in Entrepreneurship, Firm Emergence and Growth

4: Databases for the Study of Entrepreneurship

5. Managing People in Entrepreneurial Organizations: Learning from the Merger of Entrepreneurship and Human Resource Management

6: Cognitive Approaches to Entrepreneurship Research

7: Corporate Entrepreneurship

8: International Entrepreneurship

9: Entrepreneurship: Frameworks and Empirical Investigations from Forthcoming Leaders of European Research

10: Entrepreneurial Strategic Processes

11: Entrepreneurial Strategic Content

12: Entrepreneurship and Family Business

13: Social and Sustainable Entrepreneurship

14: Entrepreneurial Action

15: Entrepreneurial Resourcefulness: Competing With Constraints

16: Academic Entrepreneurship: Creating an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

17: Entrepreneurial Growth: Individual, Firm, and Region

18: Models of Start-Up Thinking and Action: Theoretical, Empirical, & Pedagogical Approaches

19: Hybrid Ventures