Students and scholars who are pursuing an academic career will like this wonderful illustration by Dr. Susan Wardell who’s a Professional Practice Fellow at the Department of Anthropology & Archaeology, University of Otago in New Zealand.

Academic Career

She has taken a lot of effort to capture the ‘life in the day of a professor’. As the graphic indicates, an academic entrepreneurship career requires the scholar to spend her time and energy on a combination of research, teaching, and service. The proportion of time devoted to each of these three facets of academic life will vary depending on the role, expertise, and seniority of the entrepreneurship professor.

Below are some of the activities listed by Dr. Wardell that are important but not always obvious:

  • Handling academic integrity issues
  • Citation management
  • Sourcing or developing audio-video material for online classes
  • Organizing guest lectures
  • Attending graduations
  • Interviewing prospective doctoral students
  • Engaging in department or university leadership roles
  • Supporting marketing and public relations activities of the department
  • Chairing seminars or social events
  • Preparing for audits by academic committees
  • Applying for awards
  • Writing book proposals
  • Course design and approvals

Clearly, a day in the life of an entrepreneurship scholar and researcher is likely to be both interesting and hectic!