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Month August 2022

Become an Entrepreneur – Start with Mental Models

I have always loved learning about mental models for decision-making. This started as soon as I came across Charlie Munger’s speeches. I realized that to become an entrepreneur, one must be willing to work across disciplines and departments. To share… Read more →

Entrepreneurship Finance: Govt Funding for Science Startups

Whether it’s India, Europe, or the US, the reality is that early-stage science startups need government support – whether as grants, loans, or even equity capital. Angel investors tend to shy away from the high risk, high uncertainty of science… Read more →

Entrepreneurship Education for Info Tech Professionals

Back in 2009, I taught a course on Entrepreneurship to IBM employees as part of a semester-long program. It was delivered jointly by SIBM and Steinbeis University. This MBA-like course focused on technology innovation & entrepreneurship education for mid-senior IT professionals…. Read more →

Ideas for Entrepreneurs: Technology in Financial Markets

First-time entrepreneurs spend significant time in opportunity identification. They want to know which markets, sectors, and customer segments to pursue. Business ideas for entrepreneurs come from various sources – work, friends, family – even graduate school! Back in 2009, I… Read more →

Entrepreneurship for MBA: From Elective to Major?

Back in 2009, I taught an elective course on Technology Entrepreneurship for MBA students at SIBM in Pune. This is a compilation of the slides for the semester-long course. I also incorporated startup case studies and real-world projects to keep students… Read more →

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