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Month July 2022

Entrepreneurship PhD: Alternate Career Paths at Universities

The default path for an Entrepreneurship PhD career is in academia, i.e., a mix of research, teaching, and service to the community. However, the substantial investment made by governments and universities in promoting entrepreneurial behavior has led to a host… Read more →

Entrepreneurship and Strategy PhD at University of Utah

The PhD program in Entrepreneurship & Strategy at the University of Utah, Eccles School of Business offers students the opportunity to “pursue new research directions in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation and technology, and international management”. Areas of faculty research… Read more →

Theory of Teaching Entrepreneurship ~ Pedagogy or Practice?

While entrepreneurship continues to be taught to students worldwide, there remains much uncertainty about the theory of teaching entrepreneurship. Is it even possible to teach entrepreneurship? This topic has been debated for decades as entrepreneurship faculty sought to equip their… Read more →

Scite ~ Contextual Citations for Academic Researchers

Scite is an online tool that helps academic researchers discover and evaluate scientific articles by considering citations in the right context, i.e., whether citations support or counter the claims of a given paper. The tool uses deep learning algorithms to… Read more →

Entrepreneurship Professor of Practice at Business Schools

The Professor of Practice role in academia is relatively new, possibly inspired by the Clinical Professor role in medical schools. It is a non-tenure track role, can be either full- or part-time, and emphasizes practical skills instead of theory. Given… Read more →

Connected Papers ~ Similarity using Co-citations, Bibliographic Coupling

Connected Papers “is a unique, visual tool to help researchers and applied scientists find and explore papers relevant to their field of work”.You enter the name of the ‘origin’ paper and it creates a graph, after analyzing tens of thousands… Read more →

PhD in Entrepreneurship at Clemson University

The PhD in Business Administration – Entrepreneurship Track – at Clemson University, Powers College of Business focuses on “preparing scholars to address questions of contemporary interest to entrepreneurship scholarship and practice, with particular emphasis on the cognitive, cultural, and social… Read more →

The Aspiring Entrepreneurship Scholar: Strategies and Advice

“The Aspiring Entrepreneurship Scholar offers helpful insight and advice on how doctoral students and junior faculty can succeed as an entrepreneurship scholar. It invites them to think entrepreneurially to identify research opportunities, manage the journal publication process, achieve excellence in… Read more →

PhD in Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Oregon State

The PhD in Business Administration with an option in Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Oregon State University’s College of Business trains doctoral students to “conduct quality research in strategy and entrepreneurship as well as management and marketing”. Coursework for PhD… Read more →

Statement of Teaching Philosophy in Entrepreneurship Education

For entrepreneurship scholars who seek a career as an academic, the statement of teaching philosophy is an important document. It is intended to capture the beliefs and practices of a soon-to-be instructor. Examples of teaching strategies, tactics, and successes can… Read more →

CB Insights Venture Capital Database for Entrepreneurship Research

The CB Insights Venture Capital Database seeks to capture every venture capital deal and exit, by crawling thousands of sources of financing and exit data each day. By aggregating data across the investing landscape, it provides insights into sector trends,… Read more →

Zotero ~ Personal Research Assistant for Academics

Zotero is a free-to-use, open-source tool that helps students and scholars organize their research. You can sort the academic papers that you are reading into collections, tag them with keywords, or create searches whose results get automatically updated as you… Read more →

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