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Month July 2022

Entrepreneurship Education: Experiments with Curriculum, Pedagogy

“Entrepreneurship Education: Experiments with … provides an overview of developments in the field of entrepreneurship education, with special reference to global perspectives on innovations and best practices, as well as research in the emerging economy context. It focuses on various… Read more →

Entrepreneurship Education and Training: The Issue of Effectiveness

“Entrepreneurship Education and Training covers the areas of entrepreneurship and economic development; entrepreneurship theories (traditional and alternative); a comparative European analysis of entrepreneurship programmes; a profile of the aspiring entrepreneur; assessing effectiveness; and a framework for the design and development… Read more →

Foundational Research in Entrepreneurship Studies

“Foundational Research in Entrepreneurship Studies draws attention to the classic, seminal articles in entrepreneurship that have made profound contributions to the field’s emergence, development, and maturity. In each chapter, a classic is identified, ideas contained therein that are still relevant… Read more →

Shaping Entrepreneurship Research: Made, as Well as Found

“Shaping Entrepreneurship Research is a collection of readings designed to support entrepreneurship research. Focused on a worldview in which the future is open-ended and shapeable through human action – i.e. “made”, this collection reframes entrepreneurship as a science of the… Read more →

Entrepreneurship – A Process Perspective – Theory & Practice

“Entrepreneurship – A Process Perspective equips potential entrepreneurs with the tools and insight for success. With solid entrepreneurship theory and relevant examples, this thorough resource covers the entire process of building a business. Seasoned instructors and entrepreneurial authorities, Professors Baron… Read more →

The Entrepreneurial Scholar ~ A Framework and Four Styles

“The Entrepreneurial Scholar examines what it means to be an entrepreneurial scholar, drawing on a range of philosophical ideas to investigate the study of entrepreneurs. Dimov makes the case for entrepreneurial scholarship to become more future-oriented and creates a framework,… Read more →

Advances in Entrepreneurship, Firm Emergence and Growth

“Advances in Entrepreneurship, Firm Emergence and Growth (AEFEG) provides an annual examination of the major current research, theoretical and methodological efforts in the field of entrepreneurship and its related disciplines of small business, family business and population ecology, as well… Read more →

Teaching Entrepreneurship: A Practice Based Approach

“Teaching Entrepreneurship: A Practice Based Approach advocates teaching entrepreneurship using a portfolio of practices, including play, empathy, creation, experimentation, and reflection. Together these practices help students develop the competency to think and act entrepreneurially in order to create, find, and… Read more →

Entrepreneurship Career in Academia: What’s Next?

For those with a PhD in Entrepreneurship, a career in academia can be broadly classified into two paths: Tenure-track roles starting as an assistant professor and working one’s way through an associate professorship, then a full professor, and perhaps a… Read more →

Center for Venture Research: Data for Entrepreneurial Studies

“The Center for Venture Research (CVR) is a multidisciplinary research unit of the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics at the University of New Hampshire. The Center’s principal area of expertise is in the study of early-stage equity… Read more →

PhD in Entrepreneurship at Ohio State University

The PhD Specialization in Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the Ohio State University, Fisher College of Business aims to “understand the environmental conditions and capabilities that influence new knowledge creation and entrepreneurship, as well as how entrepreneurial firms create and appropriate… Read more →

PhD in Entrepreneurship at University of Oklahoma

The PhD in Entrepreneurship at The University of Oklahoma “focuses on learning to conduct cutting-edge research in entrepreneurship from day one by building a community that will last until you receive tenure (and beyond)”!   To ensure the completion of… Read more →

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