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Month July 2022

International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference

“The International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference (IEEC) is highly regarded for its participatory style with a wide range of educator-led interactive sessions and seminars as well as keynotes led by inspirational experts from across the world.” September 2021 International Entrepreneurship Educators… Read more →

Innovation and Entrepreneurship PhD at Stevens Institute of Technology

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship concentration offered by the PhD program in Business Administration at Stevens Institute of Technology involves studying “the roles of creativity, strategy, organizational design and behavior in encouraging innovation and research that helps companies stay entrepreneurial”. Clearly,… Read more →

Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference

“The Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference (BCERC) was established to provide a dynamic venue where academics and real-world practitioners, through spirited dialogue, could link theory and practice. Each year, the conference attracts more than 350 entrepreneurial scholars who come to… Read more →

Scholarcy ~ Quickly Summarize Research Articles, Reports, Books, Publications

Scholarcy is an online tool that quickly creates automatic summaries of research articles, reports, book chapters, etc. It uses artificial intelligence to identify key information in a research paper such as study participants, data analyses, main findings, limitations, etc. Thus, it can… Read more →

Research in Entrepreneurship and Small Business

“The Research in Entrepreneurship and Small Business (RENT) conference is a premier entrepreneurship research conference in Europe and annually brings together ~ 250 leading academics in this field who present and debate cutting edge research in a wide variety of… Read more →

PhD in Entrepreneurship at University of Essex Business School

The PhD programme in Entrepreneurship at University of Essex – Essex Business School gives students the “opportunity to engage with debates surrounding entrepreneurship, such as knowledge production, organisational development and innovation in the new economy. Essex PhD candidates explore issues… Read more →

Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Conference ~ UNC Kenan

The Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Conference is organized by the Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise, Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. The FEC exposes students to “cutting-edge research reports and policy debates led by the nation’s leading… Read more →

PhD in Entrepreneurship at George Mason University

PhD Research in Entrepreneurship, Growth, and Public Policy at George Mason University’s Schar School of Policy and Government is unique in that it has a strong focus on expert policy analysis and administration. This multidisciplinary program “examines entrepreneurship policy from… Read more →

Academic Career ~ A Day in the Life of an Entrepreneurship Professor

Students and scholars who are pursuing an academic career will like this wonderful illustration by Dr. Susan Wardell who’s a Professional Practice Fellow at the Department of Anthropology & Archaeology, University of Otago in New Zealand. She has taken a… Read more →

Midlife Development in the United States (MIDUS) Survey

“The National Survey of Midlife Development in the United States (MIDUS) is a collaborative, interdisciplinary investigation of patterns, predictors, and consequences of midlife development in the areas of physical health, psychological well-being, and social responsibility.” The data captured in the… Read more →

Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Conference

“The Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Conference (GEIRC) rotates between North America, Europe, and Asia and aims to promote worldwide scholarly collaborations across regions, continents and academic communities. The conference is interdisciplinary and brings together a diverse set of presenters… Read more →

European University Network on Entrepreneurship: ESU Conference

The European University Network on Entrepreneurship organizes the annual ESU conference “for PhD students, their supervisors and invited entrepreneurship researchers to present their research ideas in the international scientific forum. In addition, the event combines scientific sessions and cultural events allowing… Read more →

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